Basic Program Designer


Basic Program Designer Master Skill Badge


Program design is an essential cognitive skill involved in game development. It involves the ability to transform an idea for a game or a game mechanic into the abstract, mathematical language understood by a computer. Students in the Game Studio learn this skill as part of their core curriculum.

Specifically, students will design basic Unity games and abstract level 1-3 game mechanics using increasingly complex methods such as linear and non-linear 2D movement, timers, string variables, and boolean on/off switches.


Earner demonstrates the following growth skills:

  • Level 1 Program Designer: Abstract basic game mechanics using methods such as linear 2D movement, and object and prefab creation and destruction.
  • Level 2 Program Designer: Abstract intermediate game mechanics using methods such as non-linear 2D movement, float variable manipulations, and timers.
  • Level 3 Program Designer: Abstract advanced game mechanics using methods such as force-manipulation based 2D physics movement, and transitioning between multiple scenes/levels.


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