Basic Unity Engineer


Basic Unity Engineer Master Skill Badge


Game engine usage is an essential skill involved in game development. The Unity Engine is currently the most popular way for professionals to create iPhone and Android games, and students in the Game Studio will learn this tool as part of their core curriculum.

Specifically, students will acquire proficiency in basic Unity Engine, and assemble projects involving the elements learned in levels 1-3 of Basic Unity Engine practice.


Earner demonstrates the following growth skills:

  • Level 1 Unity Engineer: Manipulate the Hierarchy, Inspector, Project, Console, Scene, and Game panels in Unity Engine.
  • Level 2 Unity Engineer: Manipulate the Rigidbody, ConstantForce, Renderer, and Collider in Unity Engine.
  • Level 3 Unity Engineer: Use standalone build creation in Unity Engine.

3 Required Steps

  1. Earn Level 1 Unity Engineer Growth Skill Badge
  2. Earn Level 2 Unity Engineer Growth Skill Badge
  3. Earn Level 3 Unity Engineer Growth Skill Badge


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