Finite State Machine (FSM) Programmer


FSM Programmer Master Skill Badge


Programming is an essential skill involved in game development. Playmaker is used by programmers in the game industry to rapidly create and prototype game mechanics. Students in the Game Studio learn this tool as part of their core curriculum.

Specifically, students will acquire proficiency in Finite State Machine (FSM) Programming using the Playmaker add-on for the Unity Engine, and write scripts involving the elements learned in levels 1-3 of FSM Programming.


Earner demonstrates the following growth skills:

  1. Level 1 FSM Programmer (Unity/Playmaker): Navigate FSM interface and use states, actions, transitions, and variables.
  2. Level 2 FSM Programmer (Unity/Playmaker): Use multiple FSMs on a single GameObject and generate inter-GameObject communications.
  3. Level 3 FSM Programmer (Unity/Playmaker): Use Events and advanced actions in FSM programming.

3 Required Steps

  1. Earn Level 1 FSM Programmer Growth Skill Badge
  2. Earn Level 2 FSM Programmer Growth Skill Badge
  3. Earn Level 3 FSM Programmer Growth Skill Badge


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