Project Code

Project Code is a computer science program with both community- and school-based components that support high school students in developing the technical skills and creative competencies necessary for a successful future in computer science.

Project Code’s OST model will take place at UAP’s state-of-the-art media lab as part of the Academy. This will be an advanced, intensive coding and game design model. The in-school model will implement a computer science integration in math and science classrooms, supporting students in learning both content areas and teachers in integrating technology. In both models, students will learn and leverage code with academic and creative purpose to advance their marketable skills in programming while excelling in and outside the classroom.

Students will receive computer science instruction with a focus on coding and process-based, educational game design during the school day or at the Academy. In-school will be co-taught with math and science teachers; the Academy will be an advanced intensive. The program will include technical college and career workshops and field trips. Students will present their work in media showcases during the year, culminating in an end of year hackathon for all students in the program.


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