Jean Grae X I Don’t Camouflage at the Academy

On February 21st the Academy at Urban Arts Partnership received a visit from the extraordinary and multi-talented musician and filmmaker Jean Grae. This special session was the result of a collaboration between the Academy and I Don’t Camoflauge, an organization that focuses on the expression of unique identity through media.

Academy students are used to having master classes where artists share the basics of their life story and artist journey and then take student questions.

This was no ordinary master class. How could it be with a personality like Jean Grae? If you know anything about her antics, you know there is never a dull moment with Jean.

She began the workshop with an interactive tutorial on effective interviewing techniques. She engaged

students in dialogue about how to extract the most interesting information from a subject. Between jokes and anecdotes, she guided students in crafting questions that would make for an exciting exchange.

Initially, she only critiqued the questions without answering them. Once there was a nice number of perfectly phrased questions, she unraveled the tension and finished the master class by answering student questions, sharing her story and giving students perspective about living and working as professional artists.

by Chen Lo



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