Kids, Don’t Listen to Your Drunk Father

This poem is about the relationship between a daughter and her alcoholic father. It is a love poem of sorts for the conflicted feelings between flawed parents and children. It takes place in an intimate setting, surrounded by peers as the poem is read in collaboration with a singer and guitar. When I wrote this poem, I was inspired by my personal experience with my father and mother. However, I wrote this poem for all the children who may be able to relate to my story. The message is in the vulnerability in the piece and is open to interpretation. I want the feelings and emotions to translate. We used music along with poetry to intensify the mood and layers of the poem.

Maria Valle
I am 16 years old, a junior at New Design High School on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. I am currently living in The Bronx borough of New York. I’ve been writing poetry since middle school and have a passion for both poetry and music. As I grow as an individual I want to develop my skills as a writer and as a poet and to one day be able to live off of my poems and my art. Personally, self lived experiences and the things that are going on around me inspire any art that I do, especially poetry. Classic and legendary poets like Sylvia Plath, Allen Ginsberg and many more, inspire me to keep doing what I do and are in many ways why I started to write poetry. Seeing people that are motivated and passionate about what they do and create, whether it be art or not, always pushes me to stay committed at what I love to do and to continue it.



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