Over Exposed NYC

The inspiration behind this piece is to capture all of New York City at once. This is a story about how different people live in NYC. The city is full of diverse landscapes, graffiti, people, buildings, patterns and street posters. The images show busy people, the chaos of the city, and the noise and sounds every day.

Peta-Gaye Thomas
The thing that makes my perspective a little different is that I have my own unique twist and that makes me different from other people. I was born in Jamaica but most of my family are from England with a diverse ethnicity. I fell in loved with photography because I was introduced to it by my cousins. Being around my cousins and seeing what they did inspired me. Photography became an art to me since then.Dayja Scott
I am a 14 year old girl who lives in Lower East Side, Manhattan. I am currently a freshman at Health Professions and Human Services High School. I want to become a pediatrician, or travel the world to do photography.


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