The Voice Within

Four youths struggle with various situations. Do they listen to their conscious or stick to the path they’re on?

This piece is inspired by everyday teenage problems. The adolescent years is a time of soul searching and finding yourself in the world.

It is important to think rationally about life altering decisions.
Directed by Maddie de Jesus & Tiffany Ruiz
Edited by Edwin Salgado
Director of Photography: Edwin Salgado & William Herasme(Follow Your Dreams)
AJ Suleman, Shaquille Matthews, Elizabeth Cruz Cortes, Denzel Huggins, Manuel Smith, Tiffany Ruiz, Jamie Collado, Philip Cortney, Maddie deJesus, Johnny Rivera, Athena Colon, & Matthew A

Performed by Sean Marquette & Slick
Produced by Private Gordon
“Trap House”
Performed by Charlie Luck & Vinny
Produced by Black Astonish
“Voice of Change”
Performed by Angela Rowe, Jesse Acevedo & LLADO
Produced by Edwin Concepcion & Jesse Acevedo
“Follow Your Dreams”
Performed by Apollo, TY & Estalle Daves
Produced by Omari Ausby


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